Stern designed a small Pro Tools based studio including Apogee converters

with the intention of imagineering to altitudes of audio quality

at a decibel of the price.



Calrec Soundfield stereo mic with matrix.

some dynamic mics (Sennheiser,Sure, Blue Ball)

ribbon: Oktava ML 52

condenser: 2 Oktava Mk 012, 2 AKG C 414 EB (P48)

External preamps:

Calrec, Universal Audio LA-610, Avalon 737sp, 2 preamps/ EQs 70s Neve copies from Hungaria,Focusrite voicebox.

FX: Roland Space Echo


Also access to a selection of excellent Microphones and preamps - Brauner, Neumann (UM 150/149...), Coles and Tubetech, Api, Manley - with comfortable rental conditions from the neighbours great studio "Lost in Space".